The SMKC Agility trials will be held on September 25-27, 2020, indoors on field turf at the Crown Sports Center in Eden, MD.

•             Field turf – Air Conditioned

•             Rubberized contacts – Electronic Timing

•             Self-contained RVs

•             Socially distanced crating will be available inside the building

•             Please read the SMKC Trial Rules for the COVID precautions

•             You must have a signed COVID waiver on file to run at the trial – send it in with your entries!

Entries open Tuesday  August 11 @ 8am EST and close Tuesday September 15 @ 6pm EST

350 runs – First Received

Judge: Sherry Jefferson

FRI: All levels STD & JWW

SAT: All levels STD, JWW, T2B and Premier JWW

SUN: All levels STD, JWW, FAST and Premier STD